Diana Arbuzzi
WFCI Founder - Chairwoman
International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry


IWFCI was founded in 1992 by Diana Abruzzi in Melbourne, Australia with the purpose of supporting women across the globe to be successful in building and creating businesses, and remains, first and foremost, to offer opportunities for women to meet and engage with their counterparts in the countries where they wish to grow their businesses. As the first Australian Women’s organization to establish international chapters across three continents, we could see the challenges being faced by emerging business women, and understood the importance of engaging them by establishing international branches and providing access to lucrative new markets for their products and services.

Through the delivery of robust business networks and educational forums, IWFCI is a unique international membership providing an unrivaled and consistent influence and developing greater access to governments developing their trade policies in response to women in trade.

IWFCI fosters a community of engaged women of influence, uniting together to connect, communicate and action new business, change and grow within their local and global markets, and is always focused on promoting women in business, cementing their role as decision makers, furthering international cooperation. With the future in mind IWFCI facilitates training, business matching, personal introductions, trade missions, and national and international conferences with Annual “Global Women’s Trade Summit” for members International Chapters to host each year.

The ethos shared by IWFCI International chapter Presidents, The National Presidents and committee team is the commitment to the success of its members in providing them with relevant and excellent services empowering them for success.

If you build your people you build a nation The International Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI) was founded in 1992 by Diana Abruzzi in Melbourne, Australia, in order to promote the active participation of women entrepreneurs in both society and the economy. Today, IWFCI Chapters have organized national and international events and activities in 14 countries, namely Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and the U.S.A.

The aims of IWFCI are:

  • Promote women entrepreneurs
  • To assist women entrepreneurs in their expansion in the global economy
  • Organize business and economic training and seminars
  • Provide entrepreneurs an opportunities to cooperate with companies for member countries
  • Promote small to medium-size enterprises (SME’s)
  • Give entrepreneurs an opportunity to participate in international trade missions. Our International Headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia with chapters in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore and South Korea.

You can contact IWFCI HQ Melbourne at admin@iwfci.org and www.iwfci.org